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Professional newborn photography: is it truly worth the cost?

Hey there, Mamas-to-be!

I'm guessing you're here because you're pregnant:) Congratulations! You’re soon going to bring a HUMAN BEING into this wonderful world - I bet you're feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation. These days will go by fast, and you will be tired, but they will also be filled with so much love and joy. Trust me - I'm a mum myself:) Motherhood has been the best thing that happened to me and has shaped me both as a person and a photographer. I am very happy for you, soon-to-be mama:)

There are so many things you need to do and buy already, so it's natural to wonder: "Is professional newborn photography truly worth it?"

Let me share my perspective on why I believe having these professional newborn photos done holds immense value. In my experience as a family and newborn photographer in Worcester, and also as a mum of a toddler with many mum friends, I've never heard a new parent complaining about having too many photos of their precious baby or their family. It usually is the opposite. We just can't seem to have enough memories of our loved ones. I certainly don’t have enough from the first couple of weeks of my son's birth, especially from my time in the hospital (but that’s a topic for another blog post!).

They're only tiny for such a short period of time! Yes, I know it sounds like a cliché, but it's undeniably true. Again - I’m speaking from experience. Newborns grow and change rapidly, especially in those first few weeks. My friend told me to take photos and videos every day because your son will change EVERY DAY. I couldn’t believe it, but it was totally true. And of course, I don’t have enough photos or videos. I don’t have close-ups, they all seem to be too similar, and I certainly don’t have enough videos.

in home newborn baby photoshoot with parents worcestershire

Being a brand-new parent is challenging. Between the endless appointments, health visitor visits, and your family eager to meet the little person, finding a moment to catch your breath can feel like an impossible task. Life becomes a whirlwind of feeding, diaper changes, fleeting naps, and attempting to shower and eat dinner while it’s still warm, all while juggling a baby.

Now, you might be thinking, "Can't I just take some photos myself?" Of course, you can, and YOU WILL! Your phone will be filled to the brim with hundreds of photos, capturing every adorable (and less adorable) moment. Your baby might just become the most photographed little one ever. And each of those memories will be incredibly precious to you. But here's the thing—will you be present in those photos? Will you have a family photo that includes everyone which isn't a selfie? Will you have a beautiful photo while you’re feeding the baby, or while he or she is holding your finger? Or those eyelashes or soles of the feet? You may not believe it, but I have some sh*tty photos of my baby that make me want to cry. I wasn’t a newborn photographer back then, but still, it is something which I’m kind of ashamed of and I’ll need to explain this to my son one day.

in home newborn baby photoshoot with parents in worcester

Now, let's talk about professional newborn photography. I know it might seem like just another thing on your massive to-do list, but believe me, it's WORTH IT. As a mum and a Worcester photographer myself, I've had the privilege of capturing those precious moments for quite a few families, and let me tell you - it's something you'll cherish forever. And once you have seen the photos that will let you remember that precious and fleeting time, you will not think of how much it cost. I’m a skilled photographer, and I’ll make sure that I capture the way they look up at you with those big, curious eyes, the way you hold

them in your arms.

I recently did a newborn with parents photoshoot in Worcester and that's what the family wrote to me:

review for karina oneill newborn photography in worcester

There are different kinds of newborn photoshoots in Worcester available - I personally chose to do home photo shoots with parents (and siblings and pets!). I've had a home newborn photo session myself, and those photos are now framed on our walls. Every time I look at them, I'm transported back to those precious early days with my little one. So believe me when I say (as a mum and as a photographer!), it's a decision you will not regret.

But it's not just about the photos—it's about the experience too. When you book a newborn photo session with me, I’ll create a relaxed and comfortable environment for you and your family. No fancy props or awkward poses here. I’ll never ask you to smile at the camera. Just you, your baby, and lots of cuddles and kisses. You’ll sit together on your own sofa, or make silly faces on the bed to get your baby to smile. On your own sofa in your own house where your family's story is written every day. For more information about my home newborns photoshoots in Worcester click here.

And don't worry about your house looking perfect. Trust me, it does not matter. All I need is a couch, a large window and some clear wall space to work my magic. Many parents-to-be worry their houses are not suitable for photo sessions. In fact, it’s the number one worry. Read my post here about why your house IS perfectly suitable for a newborn with parents photo session. 

Of course - this experience costs money. I personally chose a newborn photo session as a gift from my family (did you know I offer gift vouchers?). Of course there is nothing wrong with getting for example a beautiful high-quality buggy - I know parents receive that as a gift. You will be using it for 3-4 years, pretty much every day, so I get it. But then that buggy you invested £300-£500 in will be sold (or used by baby number 2!) to someone else. Your photos on the other hand, will give you joy for longer, much longer. I’d say your entire lifetime and beyond; then you can pass them on (or the album) to your son or daughter. Don’t get me wrong - £500 is a lot of money! You may have only one opportunity in life to have professional photos taken of you and your baby - so in the grand scheme of things, I’ll risk and say - no, it’s not a lot. 

Prices are important, but it’s the photographer whose personality you’re drawn to that is the most important. I prepared a little guide for you on ‘how to choose a newborn photographer in Worcestershire,’ so have a peek! For more information about me and my approach, click here.

Even if you don’t choose me, I hope you’ve found this blog post useful:) 

Lots of love,


P.S: Did you know you can SAVE £90 if you book a maternity and newborn photoshoot together? This special Bump to Baby package is available all year round, and I have maternity clothes available for you to wear even in winter. For more details, visit my maternity and newborn sections on my website.


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