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Not ready to start planning your photo session yet? 

I get it. The right time for a photo session might not be today, and that's perfectly fine. 

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As a mum myself, I have hundreds, even thousands, of photos on my phone of my precious family. And I bet you do too. We could have a competition: ‘Who took more photos of their children last year’...

You might ask me to do your professional photo session once a year, but there are 364 other days when you probably take photos yourself.


I’ve written this guide so you can take great photos of the most important people in your life.

how to take great photos of your family with your phone free ebook by worcester photographer

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Don’t worry - I won’t bore you with any professional photography jargon or a long list of rules. It will be short, sweet, easy to understand, and implement.

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karina o'neill worcester photographer

Whether you're waiting for a special occasion or holding off until you feel emotionally prepared, take the time you need.


outdoor family photoshoot in worcester with karina o'neill

When the moment feels right, feel free to get in touch with me.

We'll schedule a 15-minute non-salesy call so you can be sure I'm the right photographer for you. 

maternity and newborn photography in worcester
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