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Terms & Conditions

By booking a photo session with me you agree to the terms & conditions.

1. Your photo session is confirmed once a session fee is paid to Karina O'Neill's bank account. The session fee is non-refundable but it is transferable. ​

2. The session fee guarantees the date and time of your photo session. It does not include any printed products or digital images. Your full resolution images will be downloadable and printed products can be ordered once a full payment has been made.

3. It is very important to me that you choose a photographer whose style you like. By booking a photo session with me you confirm that you are familiar with my photography and post-production style.

4. All photographs will be subject to my original professional processing. RAW images will not be made available to you at any point. 

5. When you take part in a photo session with me you accept my style of post processing. Whilst I may be able to remove a small bruise, for example, I do not make significant changes to the photos e.g. removing objects, changing colours, cropping etc. I only use natural light which may prevent us from achieving certain kinds of shots you may have seen of other people.


6. Your photographs will be printed in size 6 x 9 inches. Usually all or some photographs can be printed (for additional fee or independently) in large sizes but it is not guaranteed.

7. Your on-line private gallery will be ready within three weeks and you will be notified of this by email. During the Christmas period, summer holidays or when I am on a holiday this may take longer.

8. An express service is available for £60 and is payable up-front with the session fee. This guarantees your online gallery is ready within three working days. This only applies to digital images. 

9. In the event of rain or illness of the participants a new photo session date will be agreed with no loss of your session fee. You are allowed to move your photo session maximum twice due to illness and maximum three times due to rain. 

10. In the event of illness or exceptional circumstances which prevent me from conducting the photo session, we shall agree to a new date. You confirm you won't be making any claims against me for such a change.

11. Full photo rights stay with me. Purchased products are for your personal use only. You are not allowed to make any edits to them, or publish or share them as your own work. Whilst this is not a requirement, I would appreciate any photo credits when you share your photographs online.

12. You are responsible for downloading within a given time frame and storing your purchased photographs within a given time frame. Your photographs will be stored by me for three months and will be permanently deleted afterwards.

13. You are required to arrive at a photo session location on time. I recommend being there at least five minutes before it is due to begin. A delayed arrival will shorten your session or even lead to a cancellation with a loss of your session fee.
14. Consent for me to publish your images is voluntary. It is very important to me to be able to publish my work as this helps me run my photography business. I will show you the exact photographs I would like to use to promote my business and you may agree with all, some or none.


​By agreeing to be photographed by me you agree to my standard terms and conditions above as well as the following:

  • The photographs from your session will be used to promote my business (flyers, shows, website, social media etc).

  • You will be asked to sign a model release form. When children are involved both parents/guardians will be required to sign a form.

  • Your free photo session will include an agreed number of free digital images. You will be able to purchase additional photos or the entire gallery once you have seen your final gallery. 

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