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Maternity photoshoot with a dog in Worcester.

Pregnancy is a time of connection – with your growing baby, with your partner, with the world around you. And your dog! What better way to celebrate this bond than by immersing yourself in the tranquillity of nature? Whether it's summer or winter, hot or cold, the season doesn't matter.

An outdoor maternity photoshoot with your dog isn't just about capturing moments; it's about celebrating the love, joy, and companionship that your pet brings to your growing family. These photos will hold a special place in your heart, telling the story of this significant time in your lives.

As a mum and a motherhood photographer in Worcester, I've had the privilege of witnessing many magical moments during outdoor maternity photoshoots. From flowery meadows with views of the hills in the distance, evergreen woods or parks, there's something truly special about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy with nature's breath-taking backdrop. I truly believe maternity photoshoots are an absolute must for every expectant mum and dad-to-be. Learn more about relaxed outdoor maternity photography with me here.

I believe your dog (or fur baby if you prefer) is an integral part of your family’s journey, and having them present during this special occasion adds a unique and heart-warming touch to your maternity photos.

Dogs are more than pets; they are family. This is how I treated my dog when he was still with us, and I bet you do too. Including your dog in your maternity photos symbolises the love and bond that will continue to grow as you expand your family.

maternity photo session with a dog in worcestershire

Dogs bring a sense of playfulness and spontaneity to the photoshoot. Their natural behaviour and interactions with you can result in candid, heart-warming moments that truly capture the essence of your relationship.

Dogs exude happiness and excitement, and their presence can bring out genuine smiles and laughter, creating a joyful and light-hearted atmosphere during the session.

You'll probably find it easier to relax and have fun during a session if your beloved dog is present. I always wear waterproof clothes, which often get muddy, so don't worry about your dog jumping on me or giving me a friendly lick!

Your dog is already a part of your family, and including them in the photos solidifies the connection between your pet and the upcoming addition to your family.

Including a dog in outdoor maternity photos adds character to your maternity photos. Their playful antics or gentle demeanour amidst the natural backdrop can result in charming and memorable compositions. Just look at the below photo!

maternity photo session with a dog in worcestershire

If your dog has been part of your journey from the start, having them in the photoshoot reflects your lifestyle and the love you share as a family unit.

These photos will become cherished memories, reminding you of the shared excitement and anticipation as you navigated the journey of pregnancy with your dear dog by your side.

Including your dog in the maternity photos ensures that your furry family member is part of the celebration and milestone, creating inclusive family portraits. And when your baby arrives, I'll come to your home for the newborn photoshoot, and your dog (or a cat like on the photo below) will naturally be included in those photos too. Don't forget, I offer a Bump to Baby package that saves you £90 when you book both photoshoots together!

photoshoot with a cat in worcester

Learn about a Maternity Photography experience with me here.

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Outdoor maternity photoshoots are a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your pregnancy, regardless of the season, and whether you have a dog or not. With carefully selected stunning locations and a variety of dresses to choose from, we can create timeless photos that you'll cherish for years to come. As a mom myself, I understand the importance of capturing these extraordinary moments—I hired a maternity photographer when I was pregnant with my son, and those photos are priceless to me.

During your session, I'll keep you warm, busy, and on the move. I always have an extra blanket to wrap around you or for you to sit on. Additionally, I bring a tent peg with me, so if needed, we can use it to keep your dog secured while we take some photos of just the two of you.

outdoor maternity photography in worcester

Even though I currently have two cats, I adore dogs and hope to have not just one, but two in the future! They remind me of photo sessions with children, making them interesting and completely unpredictable :)

Lots of love,


P.S This couple's pregnancy photoshoot with a dog took place in Worcester Woods Country Park a week before Christmas. It was a cold and grey day but I'm sure you'll agree that the photos turned out fabulous! If you're pregnant in winter don't fear the weather - read here why an outdoor maternity photoshoot in winter is totally worth it.


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