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What if my kids misbehave during a family photoshoot?

Are you ready for an adventure? As a Worcester photographer and a mum of a toddler, I understand the excitement and chaos that come with planning a family photoshoot. From choosing the perfect location to coordinating outfits and wrangling the kids, it's a whirlwind of anticipation and spontaneity with a pinch of worry. You're investing time, money and effort into this photoshoot hoping for wonderful photos to put on your walls. But let's face it—kids are unpredictable. Last week, they were angels; today, your 2-year-old is in the 'NO!' phase (mine is at least!), the 8-year-old shies away from cameras, and even your always-smiling pre-schooler suddenly seems grumpy around strangers.

The truth is - they probably will misbehave during your outdoor family photoshoot. And that’s 100% okay!

And while the kids may never be "ready" or "perfect," that's what makes these photoshoots so special. It's about capturing the unfiltered moments of childhood – the muddy knees, the tangled hair, the infectious giggles – and celebrating the beautiful chaos of family life.

I absolutely adore photographing kids for their raw, unpredictable emotions—the unscripted joy and even the occasional tears. It's this authenticity that brings life to my photos, and I'm all about capturing those real moments. In my experience, most children have meltdowns or misbehave during sessions. And my son did too during our family photoshoot last summer.

I've got tricks up my sleeve—games, distractions, and the knack to capture beautiful moments, or when to take a break for you. No asking for forced smiles here! 

My sessions typically run for 2 to 3 hours (find out  here how family photo sessions in Worcestershire work). I've experienced shorter ones myself, and they often felt rushed. It's not just about capturing pretty photos; for me, it's primarily about a relaxed, enjoyable family time. That's precisely why, when establishing my business, I made the deliberate choice to extend my sessions beyond industry standards. Some children (and parents) will need more time than others to get used to me or the camera. I will never ask them to smile to the camera and neither should you.

But how do we ensure that the session runs smoothly and that we capture the photos you've been dreaming of? It's simple – I give your family "jobs" to do. Whether it's playing a game of tag, collecting sticks or simply cuddling together on a blanket, these activities help to create natural interactions and genuine smiles. By investing my time in getting to know your family before the shoot, I can tailor these activities to suit your personalities and preferences, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

When you book your family photoshoot with me, I'll send you a comprehensive guide to what to expect, how to prepare (including what to bring), and what happens after. The guide will also contain lots of photos, of course :) You might even not believe some have been taken right after meltdowns!

fun outdoor family photography in worcestershire

As a mum, I know how rare it is to find yourself in the photos. We're often the ones behind the camera, orchestrating the chaos and capturing the memories, but rarely do we take centre stage apart from an occasional selfie. That's why I'm passionate about creating a space where mums can let go of perfection and embrace authenticity. Most of the families I photograph have young children, so we're on the same page. Being a mum myself, I understand the joys and challenges of parenting and it makes me a great family photographer. I can't emphasize this enough! Get to know more about me, my family, and my approach here.

And when you look back at these photos, I want you to see more than just smiling faces – I want you to see the love, the joy, and the spirit of your family shining through. Because in the end, it's not about the perfect shot or the flawless poses – it's about the memories we create together (we are a team after all!) and the bonds that hold you close, now and forever.

So let's forget about matching outfits and perfect hair. Instead, let's focus on laughter, adventure, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Trust me, I'm a mum, experienced in both sides of the lens. I have a photo session every year and we put away £30 every month just for that. Come with an open mind; leave expectations behind—I'll seize those calm moments and beautiful expressions. Let's embrace the chaos, let's celebrate the imperfections, and let's capture the beauty of your family just as you are – vibrant, energetic, and totally unique.

We can meet for a family photoshoot when your children reach those important milestones, birthdays or even if you have come to see the amazing Cotswolds on a family vacation.

Here in Worcestershire we are very lucky to have so many amazing places to visit. So many parks, woods, meadows and nature reserves. Let's either head to a spot that's close to your heart or pick from one of my fantastic locations for a family photoshoot in Worcestershire – totally up to you. Learn about fun outdoor family photography with me here.

Lots of love,


P.S.: Do I sound like the right photographer for you? Get in touch with me and let's start planning your fun family photoshoot in Worcestershire:)


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