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How to choose the right newborn photographer in Worcester.

As an expecting mum, the anticipation of welcoming your baby is undoubtedly an exciting time. Capturing these precious moments through newborn photography is a beautiful way to preserve the early days of your baby's life - trust me, I'm a mum myself:) These photos will serve as cherished memories for years to come, so investing time and effort into finding the perfect photographer in Worcester for your family is truly worthwhile. 

Before establishing my newborn photography business, my experience was primarily in nature photography. When I was expecting my son, finding a maternity or newborn photographer was a quest that opened my eyes and, at times, posed challenges. Thankfully I discovered a wonderful photographer, whom I've hired 4 times so far. Now, with my own website, I aim to simplify the decision-making process for expectant couples and families looking for the right photographer.

Finding the right newborn photographer involves a mix of research, intuition, and aligning expectations.

Research local newborn photographers in Worcestershire:

Start your search by seeking out photographers who specialise in home newborn sessions in your area. Begin on Google e.g. 'Worcester newborn photographer' to discover their websites. A good website will provide effortless access to all necessary information. Beyond amazing photos, ensure they have an informative 'about me' section (understanding who your photographer is matters, right?), FAQs, and TRANSPARENT PRICING. You might want to utilise online directories, social media platforms, or local parenting groups to explore professionals offering in-home services.

I often see a post on Facebook looking like this: 'Recommendations for a newborn photographer please!' This is not enough. Do yourself a favour and save yourself time by being more specific and add e.g what kind of experience or style you're after. Maybe even add a photo you like that you've seen online. Just because someone comments 'I highly recommend XYZ photographer' doesn't give you much information, does it? Ask WHY they recommend them, why they had a great experience. Still do your OWN RESEARCH of course. Everyone is different and has different wishes and preferences:)

Review portfolios:

Explore the portfolios/galleries of potential newborn photographers (you can view mine here. Focus on their home session work (if that's the kind you're after) to understand their style, use of natural light, and how they capture intimate moments within a home setting. Look for images that resonate with your vision for your newborn’s photoshoot.

Client testimonials:

Check reviews and testimonials from previous clients, specifically focusing on their experiences with home sessions. Positive feedback regarding professionalism, adaptability, and the ability to work seamlessly in a home environment is a good sign. 

in home newborn photo session in Worcestershire

Communication and connection:

Engage in conversations with shortlisted photographers. Evaluate their responsiveness, willingness to accommodate your preferences, and ability to understand your vision for the session. A photographer who values clear communication and establishes a comfortable rapport is invaluable. Find someone who is genuinely happy for you and keen to meet you.

Call them:

Genuine connection is difficult to establish over email. Talking on the phone or video chatting allows you to gauge the photographer's demeanour, professionalism, and personality. Establishing trust is vital. A conversation beforehand helps create familiarity, which can significantly impact how relaxed and cooperative you, your partner and your baby will be during the actual session. Communicating directly allows you to express your expectations, preferences, and any specific details you have in mind for the photoshoot. This ensures that both you and the photographer are on the same page regarding the style, poses, and overall vision for the session. It is also MUCH quicker to speak, rather than type emails back and forth. 

Flexibility and scheduling:

Given the unpredictability of newborn schedules, find a photographer who offers flexible scheduling for home sessions. Ensure they can accommodate potential changes in the due date or the baby’s arrival without causing stress.

newborn photography worcester

Cost and packages:

Understand the pricing structure and inquire about packages specifically tailored for home sessions. Make sure you are clear about what is included in the package and whether there are any additional costs. There is always an upfront fee - it might be a deposit or a session fee. Session fee is a set amount and does not include images - learn here why newborn photographers charge a session fee (and I do too).

Many newborn photographers offer also pregnancy photography. I recommend checking both sections on their website as often a juicy discount is offered if you book both photoshoots at the same time. Photographers often refer to these special offers as 'Bump to Baby'.

in home newborn photo session in Worcestershire pricing

Trust your instincts:

Lastly, trust your instincts. If you feel a genuine connection with a particular photographer and have confidence in their ability to capture your family’s moments authentically, you’re likely on the right track. Seek a photographer who is more than just a service provider—a person you could engage in conversations about parenthood over a cup of tea or accompany on a casual walk.

TOP TIP: read your photographer's 'about me' page on their website and have a peek on their social media channels - e.g. IG Stories are where their every day life happens and they will show you who they truly are.

Who would you trust more - the photographer on the left, confidently showing her family, or the photographer on the right, whose face you can't see?

Let me guess - you'd prefer the one on the left?

Both photos are of me, and while I do use the one on the right occasionally, the vast majority of the images on my website and social media channels include my face - because it's ESSENTIAL for building trust and connection. Check out my Insta page here!

Take your time, explore your options, and trust in the process. With the right photographer, you'll create timeless memories that beautifully capture the joy of welcoming your new member of the family into the world.

Lots of love,


P.S.: Do I sound like the right Worcester newborn photographer for you? Get in touch and let's start planning your perfect photo session:)


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