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Why is your messy house perfectly suitable for a lifestyle newborn photo session.

Having just celebrated my little one's second birthday, I vividly recall the pregnancy and the demanding early days of parenthood—the breastfeeding struggles, the infamous 'witching hour,' and the constant fears that lingered. I spent 9 days in the hospital (yes, quite a stretch!). My labour was induced, leading to an unplanned C-section. Two years later my house is still messy and chaotic, and I'm persistently sleep deprived due to my baby boy's nightly awakenings (though apparently, it does get better). I am a mum myself and I totally get your worries.

I made the decision to have a newborn photoshoot in my own home, despite its small size and less-than-perfect condition. I know first-hand that not every home is a pristine, magazine-worthy setting for a photoshoot. In fact, my own house was far from it – dark corners, cluttered surfaces, and mismatched furniture were the norm during those first weeks with a baby. But I also knew that these imperfections were part of my family's story, and I wanted to capture them authentically.

I'm also an experienced photographer and I can tell you that any house can serve as the perfect setting for an in-home, relaxed newborn photo session. Years from now, these photographs will hold sentimental value as they capture not just the fleeting moments of your baby’s infancy but also the essence of your home during this special time. Here's why:

Regardless of size or décor, your home is your baby’s haven. It’s where they feel most comfortable and where their genuine expressions and emotions shine through. This comfort translates into more relaxed and natural photographs.

relaxed in home newborn photography with parents worcester

Your home reflects your family’s personality and lifestyle. The familiarity of your surroundings can enhance the authenticity of the photos, capturing your family dynamics in a way that a studio setting simply might not.

An in-home photo session allows me to capture the everyday moments – breast feeding, burping, cuddling on the couch, or even nappy changing in the nursery! It might seem like insignificant, but trust me - these are the moments that matter, the ones you'll want to remember forever. And while your house may not be Pinterest-perfect, rest assured that the focus will always be on capturing the beauty and emotion of this special time in your lives.

Eliminating the need to travel to a studio simplifies the process, especially during those early weeks post-birth when leaving the house might be more challenging. I'll be on time - you can change when I arrive:) It offers convenience and a stress-free environment for both you and your baby. If you are not stressed your baby is likely not to be either - trust me:)

In-home newborn photo sessions are about capturing the heart of your family’s story in the comfort of your own space. I focus on the people and the close-up moments rather than wide shots showcasing your house. I know how to work with available light and challenging spaces to create stunning photographs that highlight the love, warmth, and connection within your family.

Remember, it’s not about the house; it’s about the moments and the love shared within its walls. To take wonderful photographs all I need is a couch, a corner of the bed and some clear wall space (click here to see a gallery from newborn photoshoots in Worcestershire). So please don't stress about 'the mess' or moving anything out the way before I arrive. Leave that to me.

When you book your newborn photoshoot with me, I'll send you a comprehensive guide to what to expect, how to prepare, and what happens after. The guide will also contain lots of photos, of course :) You might even not believe some have been taken at homes (like the one below)!

I believe that every home has its own unique charm and character, and I'll work with you to find the best spots for photos within your space. Whether it's a cosy corner bathed in natural light or a favourite chair where you spend hours bonding with your baby, I'll use my expertise to create stunning images that you'll cherish for years to come.

So don't let worries about your house hold you back from capturing these precious moments. Embrace the beauty of your home, messy corners and all, and let me create a relaxed and meaningful photoshoot experience that celebrates the love and joy of your growing family.

This is a relaxed, lifestyle session. I will ask you to…wear comfortable clothes and take your socks off. I’ll ask you to hold and kiss your baby the way you would do if I wasn't there. It does not matter if your baby sleeps or your toddler has a meltdown. I'll stay at your home for even 3 hours if needed and I’ll never rush you. I'll even bring my own water bottle to avoid adding to your clean-up tasks! Whether it's discreetly tucking away a bra strap, wiping off a bit of sweat, holding the baby while you change, or patiently waiting if you need to soothe them—I’ll be there to support so think of me as a mum-friend rather than just a professional photographer who came to do a job:)

Would you like to know more? Learn about newborn photography with me here.




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