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The best locations for your outdoor family photoshoot in Worcestershire.

Here in Worcestershire, we are very fortunate to have so many amazing places to visit. Parks, woods, meadows, and nature reserves— not only abundant and stunning but also perfect for an outdoor family photoshoot in any season! As a nature-loving mama and a family photographer in Worcester, I've had the privilege of discovering some of the most picturesque spots in the county (often with my toddler in the backpack). It’s time to share them with you— perhaps they will inspire you to visit, whether at your own leisure or when you invite me to do a family photoshoot for you.

What are my family photo sessions like?

Family photoshoots are full of children, pregnancy bumps, mums, dads, and even grandparents. They're also filled with hugs, giggles, and often, bare feet! Oh, and let's not forget about the dogs! But most importantly, my lifestyle family photoshoots are all about capturing the essence of your family—your bond and connection. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep the little ones entertained (and the adults too). We'll take a leisurely stroll, find a cosy spot to sit (I always bring blankets!), share cuddles, and let the kids run free. Each season brings its own unique charm and opportunities. There might be butterflies to chase, sheep observing us, bluebells carpeting the forest floor, or colourful leaves to toss around. Now, you might be wondering, "What if my children misbehave?" The truth is, it's quite common, and I've written a separate blog post—check it out here.

My favourite spots for family photo shoots in Worcestershire.

location for your sunset family photoshoot in worcestershire

Worcestershire Countryside

The Worcestershire countryside offers a picturesque setting for outdoor photography sessions. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely picnic in a sunlit meadow or taking a stroll along a country lane, the serene beauty of the countryside sets the perfect stage for capturing genuine moments of love and laughter with your family. One of my top picks for multi-generational families (and pregnant couples!) is a spacious meadow just a short 15-minute drive from Worcester. In summer, it's adorned with blooming flowers, and you can catch the sunset over the Malvern Hills. It's my little secret spot :)

Confetti Flower Fields near Pershore

We're lucky to have such a unique location near Worcester that's open to the public. Confetti Flower Fields offer one-of-a-kind backdrop for your family photoshoot. The vibrant colours and expansive fields provide fantastic opportunities for capturing candid and authentic moments that you'll cherish forever. It is a busy place, but I know the perfect and more private areas - trust the expert! Every time I visit the Confetti Fields near Pershore, they take my breath away. Seriously! I truly believe it's a must-see at least once in your lifetime if you live in Worcestershire. So, if you're searching for a truly special spot to capture beautiful memories with your family, the Confetti Flower Fields near Worcester are definitely worth considering. But remember, tickets sell out quickly once the dates are announced, and the field is only open for 10 days a year around the end of June and beginning of July. Reach out to me, and I'll make sure you're notified as soon as the dates are released so you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Bodenham Arboretum

Nestled within the Worcestershire countryside lies Bodenham Arboretum, a hidden gem! With over 300 acres of landscaped gardens, lakes, and woodlands, Bodenham Arboretum provides a picturesque setting for outdoor family sessions year-round, but especially in Autumn. Arboretums feature a huge number and selection of trees so you can expect an incredible transformation of autumn colours, providing a stunning backdrop for your photos. Bodenham Arboretum is large (but don't worry as I know it well) so even on busy days there is space for exploration and play away from other visitors. So, be prepared to embrace a bit of mud and indulge in some leaf-throwing fun! Believe me, the journey to this arboretum (approximately 40 minutes from Worcester) and the reasonable entrance fee are absolutely worthwhile for the stunning backdrop and memorable experience it offers. Did I mention there is a café overlooking the lake?

Bluebell Wood

A bluebell wood is a truly enchanting setting for a family photoshoot. Witnessing these delicate flowers carpeting the woodland floor is a cherished experience I look forward to every spring. With so many beautiful green spaces in Worcester city and throughout Worcestershire, it's easy to spot carpets of these amazing woodland flowers—even within the city itself! Get in touch with your bluebell enthusiast photographer (that's me!) in early April and have your family photos taken in the magical wood. Click here for a guide to the best places near Worcester to see the bluebells!

family photos in the bluebell woods

Local nature reserves

Worcestershire's Wildlife Trust reserves or Hartlebury Common (SSSI) near Stourport offer a wealth of natural beauty. From woodlands and heathlands to wildflower meadows, these reserves provide fantastic places for Worcester outdoor family sessions. Whether you're wandering through the bluebell forest or picnicking in the tall grasses of a meadow, the reserves offer endless opportunities for capturing authentic moments of joy and connection. I even know a couple of spots in Hartlebury where you can sit on a blanket on a large patch of soft sand, or even play in the sand! Sandcastles can definitely be built there! These reserves usually have easily accessible and free parking with clearly marked trails, so you are welcome to stay longer and enjoy the site after your family photo session.

Your own garden

You don't necessarily need to venture outside if you prefer not to. I've had the pleasure of capturing numerous families right in the comfort of their own homes, whether it's in their gardens or indoors. This option works particularly well if you have infants or toddlers who require a more structured feeding and changing routine. Additionally, it offers a wonderfully personal touch to your photoshoot. Perhaps you've dedicated years to renovating your home and want to showcase the transformation? Or maybe your home holds deep sentimental value, having been in your family for generations. 

How do we choose the perfect location for your family photoshoot in Worcestershire?

Whether you're drawn to the natural beauty of meadows, arboretums or the unique Confetti Flower fields, Worcestershire is BEAUTIFUL! Each setting provides a unique backdrop for capturing the beauty and essence of family life.

We will head to a spot that's close to your heart or pick from one of my fantastic locations for a family photoshoot in Worcestershire – totally up to you. Perhaps you've just stumbled upon the incredible Confetti Flower Fields and haven’t had family photos taken in years. Maybe you're visiting family in the Cotswolds, or perhaps autumn is your favourite season, and you have an annual pass to the Bodenham Arboretum (which happens to be my top pick for autumn sessions!).

During every family photo session with me, which typically lasts 2-3 hours, we'll have enough time to capture stunning photographs and enjoy the nature around us. Many families I work with choose to extend their time and enjoy a picnic or a leisurely walk afterward. If you're unsure about where you'd like to go or which location would best suit your family photoshoot, simply reach out to me, and I'll be more than happy to make a suggestion. We can have a chat over the phone so I can learn more about your preferences and wishes for the session. As the expert, you can trust me to guide you in selecting the perfect setting for your family photoshoot.

Read about my outdoor family photography experience here, or go straight to the colourful portfolio by clicking here.

Why book a family photography photo session with me?

karina o'neill professional Worcester photographer

As a mum, I know how rare it is to find yourself in the photos interacting with your kids. Selfies are cool, but don’t portray the connection or love to your children or partner. We, mums, are often the ones behind the camera, orchestrating the chaos and capturing the memories, but rarely do we take centre stage apart from an occasional selfie (don't get me wrong tho - I love a good family selfie!).

That's why I'm passionate about creating a space where mums can let go of perfection and embrace authenticity, where mums can have fun and enjoy the time with their loved ones while someone else (me!) takes charge. And when you look back at these photos, I want you to see more than just smiling faces – I want you to see the love, the joy, and the spirit of your family shining through. Because in the end, it's not about the perfect shot or the flawless poses – it's about the memories we create together (we are a team after all!) and the bonds that hold you close, now and forever. Most of the families I photograph have young children, so we're on the same page. Being a mum myself, I understand the joys and challenges of parenting and it makes me a better family photographer without a doubt. I also enjoy spending time with the kids! I can't emphasise this enough!

Get to know more about me, my family, and my approach here.

Lots of love,


P.S.: Do I sound like the right photographer for you? Get in touch with me and let's start planning your fun family photoshoot in beautiful Worcestershire:)


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