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Where to have your photo session in Worcestershire: outdoors or at home?

My maternity and family photo sessions focus on capturing the true essence of who you are, celebrating the bond and connection within your family. Whether we venture outdoors or you welcome me into your home, you won't regret creating new, cherished memories as a family or as a couple embarking on this exciting new chapter in life.

I'm a Worcester based photographer and I don't have a studio - instead I take you to one of my secret and stunning outdoor locations, or I come to your home.


Here in Worcestershire we are very lucky to have so many amazing places to have an outdoor family or maternity photo session, including parks, woods, meadows, and nature reserves. Outdoor sessions offer natural light, diverse backdrops, and a relaxed environment. They're great for capturing candid moments with your loved ones.

outdoor family photoshoot worcester

​Your photos can include the places you love, making them not just about your family but also about the special locations you cherish. If you prefer, you can place your trust in my expertise, and together, we'll explore one of my tried and tested, picture-perfect spots.

Every session with me lasts up to 3 hours so we will have plenty of time to get stunning photographs and enjoy nature surrounding us.

Out in the open, you and your family can truly be yourselves. This leads to authentic, spontaneous moments captured in your photos, creating lasting memories. 

Consider an outdoor photoshoot in Worcestershire to capture the beauty of your family and the world around you in a memorable experience you'll treasure forever.

Click here to find out more about my outdoor Pregnancy Photoshoots in Worcester.

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Inviting a newborn photographer to your own home, your safe space, for a newborn photoshoot offers comfort, personalisation, and the chance to capture beautiful, stress-free memories in a familiar and relaxed environment.

Your home holds sentimental value, making the photos even more meaningful and special.

Your home likely has beautiful, natural light that enhances the warmth and tenderness of newborn photos.

It's easier to include siblings and other family members in the session when you're in your own space.

You don't need to worry about packing up your baby and all their essentials for a studio session. Everything you need is at hand. You won't have to navigate traffic or deal with unknown surroundings, reducing potential stress for both you and your baby.

There are so many benefits of having your newborn photoshoot at your own home - visit my BLOG post here to find out more. I compare studio photography with lifestyle home newborn photography. Fore more information about my newborn shoots in Worcester click here.

at home baby photo session worcestershire

Don't let the idea of 'too late' hold you back. Older babies have distinct personalities and quirks, making for charming and unique photos. Your older baby's journey is a beautiful story still unfolding, and I can be there to capture it in all its adorable glory. Every photo session is unique and your photos will bring you joy for a very long time. All you need to do is make the first step so get in touch with me and we can talk about your hopes and wishes for the photo session.

Lots of love,



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